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Can my virtual child get seriously ill, suffer or die?

No. Never.
Help a Child with UNICEF is not playing with your feelings. It will not emotionally blackmail you with cheap tricks. You're free to decide whether you do or do not want to buy what your virtual child needs and thus help real children via UNICEF programs. Even if you never ever donate a single cent, your virtual child will not suffer any negative consequences.

What will it cost me?

The Help a Child with UNICEF application is absolutely free. We're not going to ask for a credit card or any other payment information when you add the application to your Facebook profile. And you never have to make a donation if you don't want to. But you can. And if you do, the real money you use to support your virtual child will help real children in developing countries. Then, and only then, we'll ask you for the necessary details to process your payment through a PayPal account or directly from your credit card via a trusted system.

How can I donate?

Currently, we're supporting donations via a PayPal account or directly from your credit card via a trusted system. We're looking into other options, but we're approaching this with your safety at the top of our minds. If you'd like us to add your favorite payment system, please contact us at

How will my donations be used?

To help the children who need it most. The purpose of Help a Child with UNICEF is to raise money to fund various projects organized by UNICEF focused on giving children in developing countries food, shelter, safety, education and love. Though, to be perfectly honestly, we have to spend a tiny fraction (less than 5 %) running and maintaining the application. No worries, nobody's getting rich doing that!

Can I choose how my money will be used?

Yes, to a degree. Every once in a while we poll our users, asking you to choose what projects you'd like to support.